Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to convert .GHO files to .VMDK

Ghost treats virtual disks as images. You can image a machine to a virtual disk (create a vmdk file instead of a .gho file), and you can restore a machine from a vmdk file. While performing any imaging operation GHO is the default file format of ghost
VMDK files cannot be opened in Ghost explorer, You can mount a VMDK file by using ghost with switch –ad=, once it is mounted can be used in all ghost operation.
You may want to use a Physical machine's Ghost image in vmdk or otherwise, you may want to use a vmdk to prepare a Physical machine .
By performing following simple commands you can convert the GHO files to VMDK and a VMDK file to GHO.
To convert from GHO to VMDK
ghost32 -clone,mode=restore,src=my.gho,dst=myimage.vmdk -batch -sure
To convert from VMDK to GHO spliiting into 100MB chunks
ghost32 -clone,mode=create,src=my.vmdk,dst=myimage.gho -batch -sure -split=100
There are some more switch available
  • vmdktype: Used for specifying the VMDK file type , which can be Sparse or Flat
  • vmdksplit: Used for splitting the VMDK image
  • vmdksize: Used in specifying the size of vmdk file
  • vmdkAdapter: Specifying the type of disk adapter for created vmdk
To create a VMDK file form machine directly
Ghost32 –clone,mode=create,src=1,dst=myimage.vmdk  -vmdk -sure
To restore VMDK image on machine directly
Ghost32 –clone,mode=restore,src=myimage.vmdk,dst=1  -vmdk -sure
For more information read the following article.

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