Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forcing adsl Modulation on Thomson 585v7

from this link we read:

for adsl
xdsl debug multimode config=g992.1_annex_a

or, the following for adsl2
xdsl debug multimode config=g992.3_annex_a

or, for adsl2+
xdsl debug multimode config=g992.5_annex_a

Once the disclaimer message shows your router will resync; finish off by typing
which saves the settings, use exit to shut the telnet session down

To switch back to multi mode use the following in place of the single mode command (typed on a single line).
Don't forget to saveall afterwards.
xdsl debug multimode config=t1.413issue2+g992.1_annex_a+g992.3_annex_a+g992.3_annex_m+g992.5_annex_a+g992.5_annex_m

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