Monday, June 7, 2010

File Replication Service event log contains 13552 and 13555 events

From JSI Tip 3605 we read:
The most likely cause of these errors is that the FRS Jet database, or a Jet database log file, is corrupt. To fix the problem:

1. Open a CMD prompt on the domain controller and stop the NetLogon and Ntfrs services:

net stop NetLogon
net stop Ntfrs

2. Type:

del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\Ntfrs.jdb
del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\Sys\Edb.chk
del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\log\edb.log
del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\log\res1.log
del %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\log\res2.log

3. Type:

net start NetLogon
net start Ntfrs

4. Check the FRS event log for expected warning 13514 and 13520.

5. Close the FRS event log and go get a cup of coffee.

6. In five minutes, recheck the FRS event log for informational messages 13553, 13554, and 13516.

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