Tuesday, June 22, 2010

APC UPS Discharge problem reset

From http://www.joeteck.com/apc-repair.htm we read:

This is for people who have these symptoms
•  You ran Powerchute software and noticed your run time is less than it should be.
•  You replaced your batteries with new one(s) and your run time is still very low.
•  Your Battery LED lights are flashing / blinking without a full load.
•  Your UPS program tells you, “UPS battery is discharged” from powerchute software.

Follow these steps to repair this un-documented solution.

***You need the smart-UPS serial cable to do this process. It is black, not gray. ***

•  Close Powerchute software, and stop the “APC – UPS Powerchute” service.
•  Open HyperTerminal. Start > Programs > Accessories > Hyperterminal > Hyperterminal
•  Enter in a name, such as APC repair.
•  Be sure the settings are as follows : 2400 Baud, 8 data bits, 1 Stop bit, no parity, Protocol is Xon/Xoff .
•  You should have an empty window. Press "SHIFT + Y" . You will get back “ SM ”
•  Enter “ 1 ” two times, with a two second gap between the two. (Two cursor flashes)
•  You should see “ PROG ”
•  Enter “ 0 ”. This will report back the current state the UPS is in. A perfect running APC UPS will be at “ 8C ”
•  Press and hold the “ - “ minus key to program the UPS to the correct state. You can cycle through the options until you get to “8C”
•  Press the “ + ” plus key once you have selected the correct constant value.
•  Press “ SHIFT + R ”, it should say “ BYE ” You're Done!
•  Press “ SHIFT + Y ”, Enter “ 0 ” to verify your Program took. If it does, you have fixed your problem. If not repeat the process again.
•  Close Hyperterminal, restart the UPS service, and re-run PowerChute software. You're UPS will show the correct run time.

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