Monday, March 15, 2010

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Media Center

(copied from this link)
* Media Center Start page (start Media Center, if necessary): Windows logo key+Alt+Enter
* Recorded TV: Ctrl+O or Ctrl+Shift+T
* Guide: Ctrl+G
* Music Library: Ctrl+M
* Video Library: Ctrl+E
* Picture Library: Ctrl+I
* Movie Library: Ctrl+Shift+M
* Radio: Ctrl+A
* Go back to previous screen: Backspace
* Toggle full screen/window: Alt+Enter
* Go to channel number (Live TV or Guide): Enter number using the 0–9 keys
* Up one channel (while playing TV): Plus (+) or Equal (=)
* Down one channel (while playing TV): Minus (–)
* Record: Ctrl+R
* More Info/Display shortcut menu: Ctrl+D
* Play: Ctrl+Shift+P
* Pause/Play (toggle): Ctrl+P
* Stop: Ctrl+Shift+S
* Replay (Back): Ctrl+B
* Skip (Forward): Ctrl+F
* Rewind: Ctrl+Shift+B
* Fast Forward: Ctrl+Shift+F
* Mute: F8
* Volume up: F9
* Volume down: F10
* Audio language options (TV or DVD): Ctrl+Shift+A
* Subtitles/Closed Captions: Ctrl+U

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