Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Install Linux IC in a Hyper-V VM

from we read

a) Obtain the LinuxIC.iso

b) obtain the inputvsc.iso for the mouse driver

c) add the kernel-source and gcc-c++ packages
YaST can be used for this, either GUI or command line
Note: if an ISO was previously attached, you may need to detach, pause, then attach the desired ISO for SuSE auto-mount to pick up the change.
If that does not work, make a mount point ( mkdir /media/CDROM ) and mount /dev/hdc /media/CDROM

d) Install the linuxic drivers
a. Open a Terminal
b. attach the downloaded LinuxIC.iso through the Hyper-V manager
c. Create a folder and copy the contents to the folder
d. mkdir /tmp/linuxic
e. cp –rp /media/CDROM/* /tmp/linuxic
f. cd /tmp/linuxic
g. ./ drivers

e) Install the mouse driver
a. Attach the inputvsc.iso through the Hyper-V manager
b. Create a folder and copy the contents.
c. mkdir /tmp/inputvsc
d. cp –rp /media/CDROM/* /tmp/inputvsc
Note: you may need to mount again: mount /dev/hdc /media/CDROM
e. cd /tmp/inputvsc
f. ./

f) Power down the VM, remove the Legacy Network Adapter, add a Synthetic Network adapter, power on the VM (you could also do a shutdown now –hP)

g) Using YaST (or YaST2), configure the newly installed synthetic network adapter.

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