Thursday, May 7, 2009

Retrieving ios running-config via scp

First, you need to ensure that ssh and scp have been enabled. I strongly recommend that you run ssh version 2.

ip ssh version 2
ip scp server enable

Then, on your PC:
You should then have a file called “running-config” in that directory. Pretty simple…

If you want to grab the startup-config instead of the running-config, try:

By using RSA keys to eliminate the password prompt at login, this method could be expanded to form the basis of an automated config backup. I know that various apps already exist, but a lot of them retrieve the config via “expect” scripts, basically executing a “show run” and capturing the output.

Another method of retrieving the config is via SNMP, however unless you’re using SNMP v3 with encryption, this method is potentially insecure.

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