Friday, May 22, 2009

Howto schedule a complete PC backup in Vista

In we read:

The wbadmin Command

The wbadmin command is a command line tool for Windows Vista’s Complete PC Backup. Since Complete PC Backup isn’t schedulable from the control panel I’m going to use wbadmin with the help of the Task Scheduler to automatically create a Complete PC Backup on a schedule.

How-to Use wbadmin

Here’s an example wbadmin command:

WBADMIN START BACKUP -backupTarget:f: -include:c: -allCritical -vssFull -quiet

Note: This command needs to run in an elevated command prompt to work properly.

Here are the parts of the command broken down and explained:

* wbadmin The wbadmin command.
* start backup Tells wbadmin it’s going to perform a backup.
* -allCritical Makes sure all system files are included in the backup.
* -backupTarget:B: Where the backup will be saved. The wbadmin command can save a Complete PC Backup in a drive (D:), folder (D:\backups\MyPC), or a network share (\\FileServer\JoesPC).
* -include:C: What drive to backup. Multiple drives can be backed up by separating them with commas (-include:C:,E:,F:\folder).
* -vssFull Performs a full backup using Volume Shadow Copy (VSS). Each file’s history will be updated to reflect it was backed up. Warning: Do not use this if you’re using another backup programs.
* -quiet This tells the wbadmin command to not ask you any questions and just do what it’s told.

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