Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to configure VLANs in HP Procurve

Here are the command to configure VLANs in HP Procurve

Its pretty easy to create vlan in HP procure Switches Follow the following steps

Cofig t

vlan 10

name "VLAN10"

untagged 1-12

ip address

tagged 25-26


vlan 11

name "VLAN11"

untagged 13-24

tagged 25-26


ip routing

tagged 25-26 is equivalent to trunking for Cisco Switches

untagged command make the required ports to be the part of vlan you want.

From the above example ports 1 - 12 are part of vlan 10 & port from 13-24 part of vlan 11 and ports 25 & 26 are trunk ports can carry vlan information for vlan 10 & 11 make sure you configure ip routing to en bale intervlan routing

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